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Bath special school launches lunch delivery service with Curo grant



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Thanks to a grant from Curo, students at Bath's Three Ways Special School are improving their employability skills with a new café delivery service.

Curo has made a donation of £500 to Three Ways School to purchase a trolley and equipment to enable a lunch delivery service around school and, hopefully soon, to local businesses. Students at the special school have loved having the responsibility of working in 3 Café Kitchen to prepare the trolley to take the deliveries for staff in school. The meal deals, delicious cakes and drinks are taken for staff in school to purchase.

The trolley offers the opportunity for young people to develop employability and life skills, working to prepare food, handle money, talk to customers and take orders. Students take huge pride in taking turns to be on duty, they love the chance to be the trolley handler and to knock on each class and office door to offer lunch and snacks.

Michelle Sage, Resident Engagement Co-Ordinator at Curo, said, “It's been wonderful seeing how an investment from Curo can make such a difference to the students. You can see the pride they take in preparing the food and taking part in the deliveries. We are so pleased to have been able to support Three Ways in this way.”

Sixth Form Teacher Annalise Carrico said, “The addition of a fabulous trolley, which the students helped to research and stock, is great for developing skills and pride in the work that students do at 3 Cafe Kitchen. It gives new opportunities for young people to be involved; those who might struggle more in the kitchen or busy cafe environment enjoy taking on the job. For children with special needs every opportunity to put skills into practice, to take steps towards their independence and to develop new skills, is key to what is offered in school.”

The school is hoping to expand to local deliveries for its meal deals and lunches. The smiles and pride in the 3 Cafe Kitchen trolley is contagious and all the students shouted a huge thank-you to Curo.

For more information about 3 Café Kitchen or the trolley delivery, please contact cafe@threewaysschool.co.uk, call 01225 830377 or follow them on social @3cafekitchen.

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