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A stay at the Wellbeing House: Michael's story



Michael, pictured, is one of many people who have stayed at our Wellbeing House since it opened in 2015. The Wellbeing House is a spacious Victorian property in Bath, offering a place for people to stay if they’re experiencing mental or emotional distress.

Michael has Myalgic Encephalopathy, or ME, a debilitating illness that affects around 250,000 people in Britain. Michael also suffered from anxiety and depression and was being supported by his local Mental Health Team who referred Michael to the Wellbeing House.  

When Michael came to the Wellbeing House he was living in shared accommodation and was having problems with other tenants causing noise. Michael had lost his job because of the effects of ME and was finding it difficult to get enough rest. At an already difficult time, this unpleasant and noisy home environment heightened Michael’s anxiety and depression.

By coming into the Wellbeing House Michael was able to get the peace and quiet he needed. He stayed at the house on three different occasions and we were able to signpost him to other agencies who could help him further.

Today Michael says he feels on the road to recovery – he’s also moved out of his shared house and now has his own Curo property.

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