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10 reasons to keep your home safety check appointment... why wouldn't you?



Every Curo tenant gets a comprehensive home safety check each year. It's a free, no-fuss, single visit that checks your home is safe. Here are 10 great reasons to keep your home safety check appointment when we get in touch:

  1. These checks keep you and your family safe - what could be more important than that?
  2. Every year there are around 60 deaths from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning in England and Wales. We check that your gas appliances aren't producing this silent, invisible killer.
  3. Faulty electrical appliances, wiring and overloaded sockets cause around 7,000 fires in the home - our electrical test will look for any hidden dangers in your wiring. 
  4. Private residents have to pay around £80 for a boiler check – but for Curo residents it’s free. 
  5. A Curo home safety check covers much more than most landlords' routine safety inspections. 
  6. We’ll also check your smoke alarms for you at the same time, and carry out your five-year electrical test if it’s due – all in one visit.
  7. We'll do all we can to make your appointment simple and convenient for you. We can even arrange to carry out any repairs you’ve booked while we’re in your home. 
  8. With COVID-19 restrictions and colder weather, everyone’s going to be spending more time at home over the coming months. That makes it even more important that you keep your free home safety check appointment. 
  9. We use all necessary PPE when we visit your home to keep you and our colleagues safe, and can put additional measures in place if you request them. 
  10. And finally, you'll be doing your neighbours a favour - every missed appointment means someone else’s check is delayed.

So when we contact you with details of your annual home safety check, please keep your agreed appointment.

Why wouldn't you?

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