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Curo Scholarship



£9,000 to make university possible

If you’re a Curo customer thinking about going to university, the Curo Scholarship could be just the ticket.

Launched in 2015, we’re offering one successful Curo scholar £3,000 a year to cover their living costs over a three-year university degree.

Anyone who lives in a Curo property is eligible to apply for the £9,000 scholarship.

The Curo scholarship is available for degree courses starting in September, with one scholarship awarded each year.

Curo Organisational Development Manager, Donna Warr, said: “The cost of studying at university today is higher than ever, and we know that the prospect of taking out huge loans to cover the costs of living can put many people off. We hope this £9,000 fund will make the difference for a Curo customer who would like to give their career a boost by studying the degree of their dreams.”


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