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The regulations section usually contains the things you should and should not do when living in your flat. Some examples of common regulations are set out below.

  • Carpeting

    There may be a requirement to keep the floors carpeted. This is particularly common in houses that have been converted into flats.

    Example text you might see in your lease: ‘the leaseholder covenants to keep the floors of the demised premises carpeted at all times’.

    If your lease does not say that the floors must be carpeted, you can lay wooden or laminate flooring. However, you need to make sure that you do not need to get your landlord’s permission before carrying out any alterations (consent for alterations). You also need to make sure this would not break any nuisance clause in the lease.

  • Pets

    Your lease may restrict you from keeping pets or state that you need the landlord’s permission to do so.

    Example text you might see in your lease: ‘not to keep any bird, dog or other animal in the Demised Premises without the previous consent in writing of the Lessor… such consent to be revocable by notice in writing at any time on complaint of any nuisance or annoyance being caused to any owner tenant or occupier of any other flat in the building’.

    If there is an RTM company (Right To Manage, normally formed by the Leaseholders) you should ask them for any permission that you need.

  • Nuisance

    Most leases have a clause relating to nuisance. This is to stop you from causing problems for other leaseholders in the building.

    Example text you might see in your lease: ‘not to use the Flat nor permit the same to be used for any purpose… other than as a private dwelling house in the occupation of one family only nor for any purpose from which a nuisance or annoyance can arise to the lessor or the owners lessees or occupiers of other flats in the building…nor for any illegal or immoral purpose’.

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