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Lobbying for positive social change is one of our priorities at Curo and we respond to a range of consultations from government and other bodies. Recent consultation responses are below:

Government consultation on 'First Homes', April 2020

B&NES Corporate Strategy consultation, Jan 2020

Building a Safer Future, MHCLG, July 2019

Consultation on a new Rent Standard from 2020, RSH, May 2019

Together with Tenants - National Housing Federation, April 2019

Considering the case for a Housing Court, MHCLG, Nov 2018

A New Deal for Social Housing, MHCLG, Aug 2018

Rents from Social Housing from 2020 -2021, MHCLG, Sept 2018

Funding Supported Housing, DCLG/DWP, Oct 2017

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