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Staying safe on Bonfire Night



Having fireworks at home can be great fun, if they’re used safely. Although bonfires aren’t allowed on Curo land, there are many organised events where you’ll be sure of a spectacular display and bonfire!

If you're putting on a home display, these tips will help you stay safe:

  • Be safe not sorry

    Fireworks are safe if you use them properly. Follow all safety rules and instructions provided to make sure everyone has a good time without getting hurt.

  • Keep kids safe

    We want children to enjoy fireworks but they need to know that they can be dangerous if they’re not used properly. Each year, over half of all firework injuries are suffered by children. 

  • Sparkler safety

    Did you know that sparklers get five times hotter than cooking oil? Sparklers should never be given to a child under five.

  • Where to buy

    Don’t cut corners just to save a few pounds. Always buy fireworks from a reputable shop to make sure they conform to British Standards.

    This means that they should have BS 7114 written on the box. Sometimes shops open up for a short time before Bonfire Night but these may not be the best places to buy fireworks.

    Staff in these shops might not be very knowledgeable about using fireworks safely and their fireworks might not meet British Standards.

    Don’t buy fireworks from anywhere you’re not sure about, such as the back of a van or from a temporary, unlicensed market stall.

  • What to buy

    There are different categories of fireworks. Members of the public can buy and set off most of the fireworks that come under Categories 1 to 3.

    These are fireworks that include those that you can use indoors, in your garden or at a display. Always read the packet carefully and make sure the fireworks you buy are suitable for the place you’re going to set them off.

  • Professional fireworks

    Some fireworks can only be bought and used by firework professionals.

    These include air bombs, aerial shells, aerial maroons, shells-in-mortar and maroons-in-mortar, all bangers, mini rockets, fireworks with erratic flight; some Category 2 and 3 fireworks which exceed certain size limits; and all Category 4 fireworks.

  • Setting them off

    Only one person should be in charge of fireworks.

    If that’s you, then make sure you take all the necessary precautions. Read the instructions in daylight and don’t drink any alcohol until they’ve all been discharged.

    Make your preparations in advance, and in daylight.

  • On the night, you will need:
    • A torch
    • A bucket or two of water
    • Eye protection
    • Gloves
    • A bucket of soft earth to put fireworks in
    • Suitable supports and launchers if you’re setting off Catherine wheels or rockets
  • Protect your animals

    Animals don’t like fireworks.

    Be a good neighbour and let your neighbours know if you’re planning fireworks. Take precautions to protect your pets during the times of the year when fireworks are likely to be set off.

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