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Memory loss: Hilary's story



Through our Rural Independent Living Service, we help people like Hilary get a diagnosis and access all the support available at a time when the worry and stress of living with dementia can be difficult.

The Alzheimer’s Society predict that by 2021 over a million people in the UK will have dementia. Early intervention, treatment and support can help manage the symptoms and dramatically improve quality of life, but today only 44% of people currently receive a diagnosis.

Hilary lives by herself in Chew Magna. She is a very outgoing person – and loves her independence – but her memory problems have started to affect her safety and well-being. Food would be left burning and taking medicine at the right time became difficult.

We started helping Hilary last year through our Rural Independent Living Service, funded by the Department of Health’s Dementia Challenge fund. We’ve supported Hilary to get to crucial appointments with her GP and claim Attendance Allowance. We looked at how she managed her medication and arranged with social services for carers to visit and support her daily needs.

Further support was arranged for the fire service to carry out a home safety check and for meals to be delivered daily, lessening the risk of a kitchen fire and ensuring Hilary had a balanced diet.

We also discovered that Hilary’s telephone was unable to make outward calls as the bill had not been paid and she was becoming upset and confused when the telephone company contacted her leaving messages. We contacted the phone company and arranged for Hilary’s family to act on her behalf which allowed the phone, a lifeline to Hilary, to be fully restored and stopped confusing messages being left.

We can help if you are worried about your own, or a loved one’s memory, whether a diagnosis has been made or not and you can speak to us in confidence either over the phone or we can visit you at your home.

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