What we do

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At a glance

  • We provide nearly 13,000 affordable homes and high-quality support services to people across the West of England.
  • We are a major local provider of support services for people of all ages who need a little extra help to be independent.
  • We let private market-rented properties and sell homes through shared ownership and on the open market.
  • We have built more than 2,000 homes since 2004 and have a further 960 in our development pipeline up to 2017.
  • We have a Foyer where, in addition to a home, we provide training and support for young people.
  • We run a range of commercial activities which cross-subsidise our core purpose of providing affordable homes and ethical care and support services for local families.
  • We also provide services to other housing associations.

Our priorities

We have set ourselves six priorities:

  • Creating a renowned customer service culture.
  • Owning great properties and places.
  • Setting up an ethical care and support business.
  • Working for happy, safe, popular neighbourhoods.
  • Helping people who need work.
  • Lobbying for positive social change.

Read more about our vision, mission and values.

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