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£9,000 to make university possible

If you’re a Curo customer thinking about going to university, the Curo Scholarship could be just the ticket.

The scholarship is available to Curo residents who will be starting a degree course in September.

For those considering university, on top of course fees of up to £9,250, students need money for everyday living. The average rent paid by students is £147 per week. Living expenses such as food, paying bills for fuel, phone, insurance - the things we all need to live - average £380 per week. Transport costs a surprising average of £14 per week. Add in books and other equipment, entertainment and the average course cost is more than £10,000 a year.

The Institute of Fiscal Studies estimates the average debt of English graduates to be around £50,000.

This adds up to one huge barrier for many of the young student hopefuls living in Curo homes, potentially putting a stop to their dream of a university education. We want to break this barrier down which is why we set up and awarded the Curo Scholarship in 2015.

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