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If you have a vehicle please make sure you park responsibly. Always use the authorised areas for parking your vehicles. Parking in the wrong place may cause problems for emergency services, refuse collectors or visitors.

You can only park your car in your garden if there is a proper car-parking space. It's illegal to drive a motor vehicle across a footpath or verge without the kerb being dropped. You can only lower kerbs with our permission and that of the local council. You must not park any vehicle on paths or shared grassed areas on our estates.

We will ask the council to tow away any untaxed and abandoned vehicles on our land, and they will charge the owner the cost of doing this.

Parking caravans and boats

You should not park large vehicles, caravans, motorhomes, trailers or boats on any of our parking areas, or in front of your home without gaining permission from us.

Repairing cars and other vehicles

You are not allowed to carry out repairs to any vehicle anywhere on your estate, shared car parks, on roads, drives, footpaths and other shared areas. We appreciate that you may need to carry out minor car repairs to your own vehicle when it is parked on your property, but please make sure that this is not on a regular basis and does not disturb your neighbours.

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