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Household rubbish



Please store household rubbish carefully and safely. You shouldn't put large items of household rubbish in gardens or shared areas. In the interests of hygiene, you should put it out for collection in the appropriate bags or containers on the day the refuse collectors are due.

Please contact your local council to see if they provide a container like a wheelie-bin or whether you'll need to get one yourself. Please wrap all your rubbish carefully or use bin bags tied at the top. You should carefully wrap broken glass and sharp objects before you put them out as rubbish.

For large items like furniture or cookers, the local council may offer a collection service (there may be a charge). Please don't dump large items outside your property or in and around shared areas as this can be unsightly and dangerous, and is illegal.

If you live in an apartment...

  • Shared bin stores should be kept clean and tidy with all rubbish wrapped and placed inside the bins.
  • You should not leave bulky rubbish in the bin areas.
  • Never leave rubbish in the shared areas.
  • Never throw rubbish, or any other items, from windows or balconies.

Along with the council and the Environment Agency we will take action against anyone caught dumping rubbish under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The maximum fine is £50,000 or five years in prison, or both.

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