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Home condition surveys



Home condition surveys are essential to make sure we invest in the right things in your home, at the right time. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about our home condition surveys including:

  • why we do them,
  • what to expect and
  • what we do with the information we collect.

What is a home condition survey?

A home condition survey is a visual inspection of your home that helps us to assess the age and condition of the major fixtures and fittings of your home. We use these surveys to plan improvement programmes and investment in your home.

We may also complete an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to identify what energy improvements your home may need and work towards meeting the Government's Net Zero targets.

Why are we doing home condition surveys?

We aim to carry out a home condition survey every five years to make sure the information for your home is up to date. These surveys are important as they tell us if your home is safe (that's in addition to our comprehensive annual safety checks) and maintained to a decent standard. We also use the surveys to confirm that the following year's improvement programmes are accurate and make sure we’re getting value for money from our investments.

What are we looking for during the survey?

We will look at all of the major fixtures and fittings of your home. These are normally the sorts of things we might replace as part of a planned programme, or that we need to record safety information about. These can be things like:

  • your kitchen,
  • bathroom,
  • boiler and heating,
  • windows,
  • doors,
  • roof,
  • rainwater 'goods' (like guttering and downpipes),
  • insulation,
  • external walls and paths, as well as
  • the general structure and services for your home.

How long will the survey take?

The survey should take around 30 minutes for a flat and around 60 minutes for a house. If we’re doing an Energy Performance Certificate at the same time, the appointment will take longer. We’ll let you know how long we’ll be when we book the survey.

What will happen during the survey?

We'll look around and take photos in every room in your home including in any loft space, basement and outbuildings if you have them. The photos will show the fixtures and fittings we’ve mentioned above – we won’t take any photos of you or your personal possessions.

What happens next?

We use the information from your survey to plan what investment is required in your home, both now and in the future. This helps us make sure we get value for money for you.

When your home is next programmed for an improvement, we’ll write to you to let you know what to expect.

Do I need to do anything before my home condition survey?

If you have furniture or belongings which block access to the fixtures and fittings we’ve mentioned above, we’d be grateful if you could move them out of the way so we can clearly see their age and condition. Our surveyor will bring all the equipment they need with them so you don’t need to do anything while we’re there.

Can you help me with my repairs?

Our inspectors are trained to record your home's condition so they won’t be able to carry out or book in any repairs while they’re there.

If you have something you need repairing, please get in touch with our Contact Team or report it through MyCuro.

I’ve recently made or had an upgrade to my home, do I need a survey?

We’d still like to survey your home to update the information we hold about your home and assess the age and condition of other parts of your home.

If you’ve made the alteration yourself, you might need Curo’s consent (permission). Please take a look at this page to see what things you might need to get consent for, and to find out what to do if you need to apply for this retrospectively.

When am I due a survey or an upgrade?

We’ll be in touch when we’re completing surveys in your area. In the meantime, you can check when your home is due any upgrades or last had a survey through your MyCuro account.

If we haven’t been able to answer your question, please email us at Asset.Performance@curo-group.co.uk.

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