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Triton Safeguard+ safety notice



We have been made aware of a potential safety issue with a specific model of Triton shower – the Safeguard+.

Triton advises that under very rare circumstances and in a very small number of cases, a part of the electronic circuit board of the Safeguard+ shower may develop a fault which could lead to overheating and a potential risk of electric shock or fire hazard.

  • If your shower is showing any signs of discolouration; Triton’s advice is that you must stop using it immediately.
  • Any heat build up occurs gradually and is noticeable with a distinct overheating smell.
  • You should check the casing top to see if there are any signs of discolouration. If there is none, then you can continue to use the shower.
  • Please continue to ensure that any vulnerable people are not left showering alone and that user instructions continue to be followed.

The only Triton model affected is the Safeguard+ manufactured between May 2014 and December 2016. Triton’s website provides further information about the affected models.

We are writing to all Curo customers with the affected model to provide further information and advice and to make arrangements for Triton to come and inspect each shower and correct any issues.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if the shower in my property is affected?

The affected showers look like this:

Triton Safeguard +

On the underside of the shower there’s a label with the model and serial number on. The affected units start with the product code CSGP0 and have a date code stamp between 05/14 (May 2014) to 12/16 (December 2016).

What should I do if my shower is affected?

If you believe you have a Safeguard+ affected please contact Triton’s Service team on free phone 0800 0154145. 

Triton will then arrange a mutually agreeable time for a Triton engineer to call and carry out a safety inspection to check and correct any issues. This visit would be free of charge, will be undertaken by one of their qualified engineers and it should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.

Can I continue using the shower?

Triton have advised that as long as there’s no sign of your shower developing a fault you can continue to use it.

However please continue to ensure that any vulnerable people are not left showering alone and that user instructions continue to be followed.

How can I tell if the shower is developing a fault?

Check the top of the casing to see if there’s any sign of discolouration, also there’s usually a distinct smell which is caused by overheating.

What do I do if there’s any sign of a fault?

Stop using it immediately and isolate the shower. Isolate the shower either at the local shower switch or turn off the circuit breaker marked “shower” at the fuse board.

Please then contact Triton ASAP to arrange for an engineer to attend to repair/replace the shower.

Why are you telling me about this now?

We have only recently become aware of this issue and we have taken immediate action as soon as we found out.

What do I do if I have an issue with my shower but it’s not the affected model?

Please contact Curo to arrange for a Curo engineer to attend.

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