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Money advice



If you’re a Curo resident and need help with money or navigating the benefits system, we can help and offer financial advice.

If you're facing debt or rent arrears, please don't be tempted to approach a loan shark or take a pay-day loan.

Contact us instead as soon as possible - the earlier you speak to us, the more we can help. Our Customer Accounts team is experienced in helping our residents manage their rent accounts and are trained to provide basic debt and welfare benefit advice.

Curo Money Advice Service

Would you like more money in your pocket? Do you need help and support managing your money?

Curo’s Money Advice Service can help you manage and take control of your finances. This is a free and confidential service offered to our customers. The service will help you manage day-to-day finances by reducing spending, maximising income and coping with debt.

We can help you…

  • Manage your money effectively
  • Save money
  • Benefit applications
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Apply for grants
  • Get help with your debts
  • Keep track of your finances

We’re here for you!

        • Our Money Advisor will discuss your finances with you and help you figure out how to put more money in your pocket.
        • We can meet in your home or at another suitable location to discuss finances and explain what we can do to help you.

Read our Money Matters leaflet

Want us to help?

Call us on 01225 366000 if you think money advice might work for you.

Support agency professionals can refer Curo customers to this service using this form:

Book it, pay it, check it, report it, sort it 
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