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Tintagel Close, Keynsham



Following recent events, including a bin store fire, we’ve carried out a lot of work at Tintagel Close. We’ve been talking to residents to find out how we can address their ongoing concerns and understand their views for the longer term.

Involving residents

We want to know how people feel about living at Tintagel Close, what issues affect them and their ideas for the future. To do this we're working closely with the Tintagel Close Residents Association and involving all residents in looking at the options for the estate.

Recent improvements

We’ve repaired the homes that were damaged by the fire and removed the bin shell and the remaining sheds; this has created an open space and we’ve asked residents how they’d like this be used.

We’ve installed new bins, improved the courtyard area and converted a garage to create an area where residents can store bulky waste.

We’ve listened to resident feedback about how we can make the area more secure and are replacing the gates to prevent vehicles from driving into the courtyard.

Update, April 2021

Over the past couple of years we’ve been working closely with residents at Tintagel Close to agree the best way to look after these homes and ensure they’re fit for the future. One option was to refurbish the building and make improvements both inside and outside the flats.

We’ve carried out further surveys and it has become clear that the refurbishment work required would be very disruptive and residents would need to move out while it was being done.

Even then, it would be challenging to meet government requirements on things like energy efficiency, and we expect further changes to these rules in the future. Therefore our view is that demolition and redevelopment of Tintagel Close is the best option, and this will be considered by Curo’s Board in July 2021.

Redevelopment of the building would mean that all residents would be asked to move out permanently. We would help all Curo tenants to find a new home. We understand that even for those keen to move it would be disruptive and residents may be worried about it.

We’re holding individual meetings with all residents at Tintagel Close and have promised we’ll do everything possible to make the process as stress-free and simple as possible. This means practical and financial support and for Curo social rent tenants includes a home loss payment as well as moving expenses.

We’ll keep the local community as well as our residents fully updated. This will include updates on this web page at www.curo-group.co.uk/tintagel

If we decide to demolish the building, we’ll consult neighbours and local stakeholders about the future plans for the redevelopment of Tintagel Close.

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