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Tintagel Close, Keynsham



Following recent events including the bin store fire we’ve carried out a lot of work at Tintagel Close. We’ve also been talking to residents to find out how we can address their ongoing concerns.

We’ve repaired the homes that were damaged by the fire and removed the bin shell and the remaining sheds; this has created an open space and we’ve asked residents how they’d like this be used.

We’ve installed new bins, improved the courtyard area and converted a garage to create an area where residents can store bulky waste. We’ve listened to resident feedback about how we can make the area more secure and are replacing the gates to prevent vehicles from driving into the courtyard.

As well as talking to residents about the immediate actions we are taking we’re also talking to them to understand their views for the longer term. We want to know how people feel about living at Tintagel Close, what issues affect them and their ideas for the future.

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