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Foxhill Resident Action Plan



Over the last year we worked closely with Foxhill residents to produce an action plan.

We started by training residents as community researchers. The community researchers then spoke to other residents to find out what they thought was important for the local area.

We’ve based the actions in this plan on what residents want for Foxhill. In June 2019 we agreed the plan with the community and we’re already using it to guide how we work with residents and what we do in Foxhill.

What this action plan is for

This plan sets out how Curo, residents and other organisations will work together to address the things important to the people who live in Foxhill.

The plan covers 2019 to 2022. We will use it to make sure residents are informed, involved and empowered to shape Foxhill and make it a better place to live.

Foxhill films

Watch our series of short films about people making a difference in Foxhill. The films were produced in 2019 to celebrate the work of the Foxhill Forum.

The Foxhill Forum also worked with residents, community groups and other organisations in the Foxhill and Combe Down area to make sure that the views of the local community were reflected in proposals for the development of Mulberry Park, The Hub and the regeneration of Foxhill.

Curo and the Foxhill Forum also worked together and awarded over £65,000 to support 37 local projects and helped improve social and economic opportunities for the area.

Get involved

Contact us to find out how you can get involved with this action plan.

  • 01225 366000
  • foxhill@curo-group.co.uk

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