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Foxhill, Bath



We’re working with local residents to create a new plan to refurbish Curo homes in Foxhill over the next few years.

We’ll finish this programme of refurbishment works by March 2024.

Latest newsletter

Read our Summer 2019 newsletter.

The Foxhill Forum film

We've made this film in recognition of the Foxhill Forum's work over the past five years.

Bradford Park flats (Autumn 2019)

We’re bringing forward the refurbishment of Bradford Park flats as the first phase of our wider refurbishment programme in Foxhill. We're working with a contractor called Mi-space, part of the Midas Group, to progress plans for the refurbishment of the flats.

Mi-space is a regional contractor which specialises in providing property services to affordable housing providers like Curo. Mi-space start pre-construction works in Autumn 2019.

Selworthy House and Dunster House (Autumn 2019)

The next phase of the Foxhill refurbishment will be Selworthy House and Dunster House.

We’ve been carrying out some surveys around the area to help us understand the buildings better and progress refurbishment ideas for these homes. We’ve appointed Kendall Kingscott as our architect for the refurbishment.

You can find out more about our refurbishment plans for both buildings at two drop-in sessions on Tuesday 24 September.

  • Foxhill Point, between 2pm and 4pm
  • St Andrew's Community Church, between 5pm and 7pm

February 2019 update

We held three events in January 2019 about the refurbishment ideas we’ve developed.

We’re reviewing the feedback we received from residents and are putting together a final refurbishment programme which we’ll share with in late spring.

Find out more about our refurbishment ideas for your area in our February update:

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