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Foxhill, Bath



We’re no longer considering demolition of homes on the Foxhill estate. We’re now working in partnership with local residents to create a new plan focused on significant investment in the refurbishment of Curo-owned homes over the next few years.

We’ll finish this programme of refurbishment works by March 2024.


We held three events in January 2019 about the refurbishment ideas we’ve developed.

We’re reviewing the feedback we received from residents and are putting together a final refurbishment programme which we’ll share with in late spring.

View the exhibition boards from the January events.

Find out more about our refurbishment ideas for your area in our February update:

Bradford Park flats

We’re bringing forward the refurbishment of Bradford Park flats as the first phase of our wider refurbishment programme in Foxhill.

We’ve developed refurbishment options based on our SHAW (Safe, Healthy, Affordable, Warm) standards and with input from residents.

We’re improving the roof, windows, ventilation and walls to make the flats warm and dry. We’re also improving the communal areas and parking.

We’ve applied to Bath and North East Somerset Council for planning permission for these works.

View and comment on the planning application on the Bath and North East Somerset planning portal.

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