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Curo leaseholders are responsible for the repair and maintenance of everything inside their home, unless specifically indicated otherwise.

We are responsible for the structure, exterior and common parts (if any) of the building. We are also responsible for providing routine services such as cleaning and lighting of communal areas.

As a leaseholder your lease requires you to pay your share of the costs of managing and maintaining the common parts of the building. If your property is in a block on a estate you are also required to contribute towards the management and maintenance of the communal estate areas.

Your lease also requires you to pay your share of the cost of any major repairs to your building and/or your estate. Your responsibility as a leaseholder means that you have a legal duty to pay towards all management costs.

Service charges and management charges

Information for Shared Owners

If you own shares in your Curo home and are interested in purchasing more of your home, please find out more about Shared Ownership on our sales website.

Buying more shares

If you wish to purchase further shares in your property this is called staircasing. You can find out more by downloading the staircasing procedure below.

Thinking of selling?

If you want to sell your property, you will need to contact us. If you're a Shared Owner, you can find out more by downloading the document below.

Leaseholders & Freeholders

If you're considering selling your home please inform us via our resales email address leaseholder.mailbox.@curo-group.co.uk. Our in-house team will be able to provide responses to solicitor enquiries and provide information packs under our additional management services.

It's important you inform us of any change in your circumstances to ensure we can process sales completions and update our records in a timely manner.

For more information, please contact us. We can send you a frequently-asked-questions fact sheet. You will also find plenty of independent advice on the Leasehold Advisory Service website. 

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