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Daniel's story



A new direction

Having worked in the hospitality sector for several years, today Curo customer Daniel has a permanent job working in Curo’s Customer Contact Team. An Accredited Work Placement with Curo helped him to point his career in a new direction.

I had no direction when it came to a career path – because of this I didn’t know which direction I was going to take in life. I chose to work with Curo because I felt that supporting other people who are in a similar situation to me would be a satisfying and constructive way to help others as well as myself.

Before the work placement I wasn’t too sure of my own abilities. I wasn’t as confident as I should have been about the value I could offer as an employee. From day one of my placement I had the opportunity to show the skills I have to offer an employer - not just to the people I worked with but to myself too. This helped me to reflect on my own skills and think about what kind of working environment I’d be best suited to.

Choosing to spend my time with Curo has been a fantastic opportunity for me to learn new skills and improve on existing skills that I hadn’t used in almost a decade.

Using Microsoft Office applications such as Excel and Outlook enabled me to create charts and use advanced formulas and features again. It's brought all this knowledge back. That’s made me more confident and has helped me move into office-based work.

Having the National Careers Service in the Curo offices every Tuesday helped me to update my CV and narrow down the kind of career path I would like to take. I’ve also been working with City of Bath College on NVQ units as part of my placement. Having all these services right on my doorstep was a real help

Working for Curo has been one of the best experiences in a work place I’ve ever had. Coming from hospitality was a big change but joining a working environment where everyone is so friendly and caring makes you never want to leave.

Lisa Wroe has been great as a mentor because she really cares. I remember one occasion when she found out that someone on a placement had got a job, I saw Lisa jump for joy and tell the office about the success of one of her placements. This had a genuine effect on me as it’s not often that you’re able to see how much the people trying to help you into work really care.

The administration work I’ve done at Curo has given me the practical experience I need to move on in life, as qualifications alone are never enough for employers. Without this programme I don’t believe I would have been able to start on the career path I’ve chosen.

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