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Charlene's story



'A chance to show what I can do'

Peasedown St John resident Charlene was out of work for seven years, only managing to pick up the occasional temporary job. As a Curo resident, Charlene heard about our work placement programme and joined our Customer Accounts Team on an accredited placement.

I learnt so much during my time at Curo and I’m so glad I took that chance when it was offered. I was given tasks at Curo that I’d never done before on any of the other work placements and temporary jobs I’ve had in the past.

The people I worked with were friendly, polite and when I needed information about any of the tasks I’d been working on they gave me the information I need to complete the task. They are an amazing group and I really enjoyed working as part of their team.

I’ve gained so many new skills through the Curo work placement. Every day I would be using an electronic document management system and learning more about Curo’s housing and finance database. There was a real variety of tasks too, for example inputting Housing Benefit numbers into clients’ records, typing budget sheets, shadowed a home visit with a money management advisor, plus some of the more familiar tasks I’ve done in the past like envelope-stuffing!

I was given a mentor at Curo who was a great help in giving me opportunities to learn different things during my time here. I’ve built up my confidence and experience and that’s going to help me gain permanent employment. I feel this experience was the best decision I’ve made because I had a chance to show what I can do at the same time as gaining new skills.

Charlene has since gone on to work in Curo’s Stores Team, based in Keynsham.

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