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Service Improvment Panels



Our Service Improvement Panels (SIPs) provide opportunities for Curo and our customers to work together to make sure that our services are continually improved and exceed, the standards expected.

We currently have two panels: Renowned Customer Service Culture and Great Properties and Places.

  • The Renowned Customer Service Culture SIP looks at how Curo interacts and communicates with its customers, whatever the channel
  • The Great Properties and Places SIP focuses on our estates and our properties, from building issues to grass-cutting – anything relating to our buildings, estates and neighbourhoods

Both SIPs also look at general issues reported by members. Each SIP works towards an action plan and meets four times a year. There’s also the possibility for spin-off groups focusing on specific projects. We’re also exploring the idea of a Digital Service Improvement Panel, or eSIP, which would focus on all areas of Curo. This SIP would be online-only to engage with customers who aren’t always able to come to meetings during the day or would prefer to get involved online.

We’re currently looking for members to join the Renowned Customer Service Culture SIP, so if you’re interested in getting involved, or would like to express you interest in the eSIP, please get in touch with us.

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