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Curo Complaints Forum



Are you insightful and able to see things in new ways? Are you able to make practical, usable suggestions to Curo? Are you interested in how we manage the complaints we receive?

Why not join the Complaint Forum and help us to improve….

As a member you'll be able to:

  • Hold joint staff and panel discussion with Curo's Customer Resolution Manager and Customer Feedback Lead on a sample of anonymised closed complaints made to Curo.
  • Come to a consensus on whether the process taken was in line with policy and procedure and that Curo were fair and appropriate in their response.
  • Review satisfaction results including customer feedback on complaint case management.
  • Share evidence-based recommendations on process improvements and quick fixes.
  • Advise on amendments to policy and procedural documents for future reviews.


To apply to join the Complaints Forum, register on VoiceBox our online customer community. If you aren’t already a member of VoiceBox you can join here.

Download the complaints forum terms of reference and code of conduct:

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