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The Missed Opportunity



The Missed Opportunity is a one day theatre-based training course designed to help participants understand how domestic abuse affects family life, spot the warning signs and know where to go for help.

Curo and Southside have pooled their expertise and experience in managing domestic abuse to design this unique training opportunity.

  • A new approach.
  • Spot the signs.
  • A chance to challenge, influence and talk about situations you might face daily.

Unseen and unreported

Domestic abuse happens behind closed doors and is often unseen and unreported. One in four women and one in 10 men have experienced domestic abuse at one point in their lives and it’s estimated that in households where domestic abuse is a factor 90% of children will have been in the same room or next door to where the incident is happening.

Every six seconds

Domestic abuse has a higher repeat victimisation rate than any other crime. A victim of domestic abuse is assaulted every six seconds, however a complaint is made to the police every 60 seconds. On average someone will be assaulted 35 times before making a complaint to the police.

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