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Taking action on abandoned vehicles



You said, we did...

With your support and information we've been working with AVRS Recovery to remove abandoned vehicles from Curo land. We have reported 13 vehicles for recovery - these have been abandoned for between 4-6 months. This is only 25% of the vehicles that we know of, with the first vehicles having been removed this week.

Abandoned vehicles cause problems within communities. This can impact customers in different ways. The visual impact of a ‘forgotten’ vehicle can make people feel unsafe or unhappy with where they live. It can give the impression that the area is run down. It can encourage anti-social behaviour, and can lead to further vehicles being abandoned in the same location, only adding to the frustrations for those who live there.

Vehicles that are in poor repair can have an impact on their surroundings, leaking oil, petrol and other substances, causing damage to tarmac, wildlife, and greenery. This may result in Curo customers having to pay to replace items that have been destroyed.

In the first instance Curo issue a 'Tort' notice to the vehicle, asking the user of the vehicle to make contact or remove it. There is a 28-day notice period. If no contact is made we send letters to neighbouring properties in an attempt to find the registered keeper and ask for the vehicle to be removed. If there's no response we have no other option than to remove the vehicle.

If you're concerned that a vehicle is abandoned you can check if it's taxed at www.gov.uk/check-vehicle-tax. If it is taxed we can’t do anything; if it is untaxed or SORN (and the registered keeper hasn’t applied for consent to hold it there for an agreed time) we can issue a 28 Tort notice. Once this time has passed Curo will instruct AVRS recovery to remove and scrap the vehicle.

You can report abandoned vehicles on Curo land here.

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