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Storm Eunice advice



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The Met Office issued a rare Red Weather Warning for extremely strong winds across parts of the South West during Friday 18 February. Damage to property and trees is likely. Please read and follow the Met Office’s advice here and avoid going out if you can.

Ahead of the storm:

  • Try to secure anything that could blow away or into windows causing damage or harm - for example garden furniture, play equipment or BBQs.
  • Securely close all windows and doors, especially large doors like garage doors.
  • If you have elderly neighbours who might need help moving any outdoor items, please lend a hand if you can.

The high winds are very likely to damage fences and roof tiles. We expect to be very busy in the aftermath of the storm helping customers whose homes have been damaged. Please avoid getting in touch unless it’s an emergency so we can prioritise those who need us most urgently.

As always, if there’s a danger to life, call 999.

Power cuts:

If there’s a power cut, your electricity distribution company will lead on restoring power and you should contact them on 0800 6783 105 or 105 if you’re affected. Western Power Distribution’s website has information about power outages and how to be prepared.


Curo is not always responsible for repairing fences - this will depend on individual tenancies and leases. Generally, unless a fence borders a public highway (like a road or pavement) then it’s likely to be the resident’s responsibility to maintain and repair it.

Stay safe.

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