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SnapChat rent scam warning



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Have you been approached by a company offering to handle your rent payments, usually alongside a hefty saving of up to 50% on your rent? Beware... it sounds too good to be true and it's probably a scam.

We're investigating several cases where Curo customers appear to have been scammed out of their rent money by fraudulent companies offering to make rent payments on their behalf.

One company reels in customers on SnapChat by promising to save half the rent amount by taking care of rent payments on their behalf.

The customer is asked to give their AllPay account number and the first payment appears to go through. But the money never arrives, leaving the customer out of pocket. By using SnapChat, the original offer disappears, leaving the customer with no proof of the scam.

If you're approached, say no thanks and pass any details you can on to Curo.

If you're in any doubt, contact our Customer Accounts Team.

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