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Residents' Conference 2018: Reconnecting with customers



In September we held a two-day residents' conference to reconnect with our customers. The event was an opportunity for customers to provide feedback directly to Curo colleagues, to discover more about our services and plans for the future, and to get their questions answered at our Q&A sessions.

On arrival customers were greeted by a marketplace of stalls showcasing the diverse range of services provided by teams from across Curo. Over the course of the event, over 200 items of feedback were provided by customers at these stalls. Teams will be using these suggestions and ideas to adapt and improve our services.

Speakers included Chair of Curo's Board Liz Potter (pictured), Chief Executive Victor da Cunha and Paul Harris who is Executive Director of Customer Experience. All three set out consistently that while there are many things Curo gets right, there are still things we can improve. There was a clear message that customer service needs to get better, and we know we must listen more to our customers to achieve this.

The question and answer sessions were lively, covering a wide breadth of topics. With so many questions, not all were answered in the time available, but we promised to answer them all and that's what we've done here:

Your questions answered - click here to download.

Thanks for all the feedback we received about the event. While this was the first event of its type we've run that we've run, next year’s event is already lining up to be bigger and better again.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to come along and talk to us. We are listening.

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