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Repairs set for faster response



We completed over 45,000 repairs in the last 12 months. While 88% of customers surveyed say they are happy with our repairs service, we know we can always do better. From April, Curo customers will start to benefit from big changes we’ve been making within our Response Team – we’re going mobile.

When our Response colleagues carry out repairs on a property they’ll have a handheld device that will show details of the work required and be used to record the work completed straight away. Because these mobile gadgets are linked directly to our central systems, our Response Team colleagues in our main office will be able to help customers with repairs more efficiently.

What does this mean for customers?

  • Now, when a customer calls to request a repair, we can offer an appointment there and then, allocating the right person with the right skills, first time.
  • We can send customers text messages to confirm the appointment time as reminders the day before, and to let them know when we’re on our way.
  • We’ll be able to get to more appointments at the time we said. If a job takes more or less time than expected, no problem – we can easily reassign jobs to another colleague.
  • We can allocate emergency repairs quickly and easily to the nearest available colleague. That’s because we can now find the colleague with the right skills closest to the emergency easily and send the details to their mobile device.
  • All this should add up to shorter waiting times for customers.

With over 25,000 calls a month, our phones are always busy, but our peak times are always Monday morning and lunchtimes, so if customers can call at other times, the wait will be less.

If you report a repair, let us know your mobile number so we can text you when we’re on our way.

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