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Proud to support Pride 2021



Pride Month gives us the opportunity every year to celebrate the LGBT+ community’s history and culture. It's a time to recommit to the work that needs to be done to establish full justice and equality for all. Pride is more than a parade or a party, it’s about celebrating LGBT+ identities, unapologetically, and all of the things that make the LGBT+ community thrive.

The LGBT+ community has made incredible progress over the years: multiple countries have dropped anti-gay laws, have legalised same-sex marriage and introduced inclusive education. We have increased representation in music, film, politics and the media, and we’re definitely on the right track in many areas. 

In recent years we’ve seen a worrying number of anti-LGBT+ incidents all around the world, even in some of the more progressive and accepting countries. It’s still illegal to be gay in 69 countries, while it’s punishable by death in 10.

In the UK anti-LGBT+ attacks trebled in the last five years (BBC, Oct 2020). This could be a lot more, Stonewall figures show that four in five anti-LGBT+ hate crimes and incidents go unreported, with younger LGBT+ people particularly reluctant report to the police. We also have to be aware that discrimination isn’t always a physical or verbal attack. It can also be restrictions to healthcare, education, information, benefits and employment.

At Curo we are proud to support Pride Month. We’re passionate about the positive power of equality diversity and inclusion. People from different religions, sexuality, age, disabilities, backgrounds and job experiences give us different perspectives and diverse ideas to inspire colleagues to bring their authentic self and go the extra mile and deliver our purpose. We want to ensure we provide fair and equal access to services for our customers and have a diverse colleague profile which is representative of the communities we serve.

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