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New 'No Cold Calling Zone' to keep rogue traders at bay



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We've worked with local police and trading standards officers to create a new 'No Cold Calling' zone in Oldfield Park, Bath, to help older residents feel safer in their homes. The No Cold Calling Zone in Hillside Road and Monksdale Road was launched last week.

Schemes like this are designed to deter unsolicited callers going door-to-door in an area and prevent so-called ‘doorstep crime’ and ‘rogue trading’, as Curo Sheltered Housing Officer Cathy Isaacs explains: “We’ve found no-cold-calling zones to be effective in the past so are very pleased to be working with the police and B&NES Trading Standards in this initiative. The new zone will give our sheltered housing residents peace of mind and will help keep them safe.”

Neighbourhood PCSO Paul Spreadbury was at the launch of the scheme: “The aim of the zone is to deter unscrupulous rogue traders and doorstep criminals from calling on elderly residents, some of whom may be vulnerable.

"One of the simplest ways of preventing this sort of crime is by remembering the rule ‘Not sure? Don’t open the door’ – and having No Cold Calling signs in place can give extra residents confidence in turning unwanted visitors away from their doorstep.”

Top doorstep crime prevention tips: 

  • if you’re not sure, don’t open the door
  • if you are suspicious of a caller ring 999 straight away
  • if you see someone calling door-to-door, but only on frail or elderly neighbours, call 999 straight away don’t keep large sums in cash at home
  • keep windows and doors secured if you’re not in the room
  • join Neighbourhood Watch

Remember, genuine callers from utility companies, the council, police or charities:

  • will expect you to check their identification before opening the door
  • would never try to rush you by claiming there’s an emergency
  • will happily make an appointment to come back when you can have a relative or friend with you

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