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John's story: regaining independence through our hospital step-down service



Former forces serviceman 'John' was enjoying an active life when a life-changing illness turned his life upside down. Read how a Curo service that provides supported accommodation for people in hospital has helped John regain his independence. 

John was in the armed forces for over 20 years; he then worked for a local authority and later became an audit and security manager. Although John had Type 2 Diabetes he was very active, enjoying hobbies such as swimming and golf and was still working and looking forward to retirement. Out of the blue he was diagnosed with osteomyelitis which resulted in his right leg being amputated just below the knee. 

John’s life had changed dramatically almost overnight. He was unable to return to his home, which was split-level inside and had steps leading up to it; he was also unable to return to his job.

John was assessed as suitable for Curo's Step-down from Hospital service. This service is designed to offer a home from home for patients in Bath and North East Somerset who are ready to leave hospital, but need to stay somewhere with a little more support .

Through Step-down, a care package was put together by the on-site care team and a support plan was formulated with the Step-down Coordinator.

Since being in our Step-down accommodation, John’s confidence has grown knowing he is in a safe environment and has support whenever he needs it. Together with his positive attitude, this has enabled John to start adjusting to his new situation and gradually improve his mobility. He is now starting to use a prosthetic leg which has been a huge achievement for him.

Curo's Step-down Coordinator supported John to register with the local housing register and find sheltered accommodation, arranged for extra aids and adaptations to be brought to the flat, and gave advice and support in contacting occupational therapists, physiotherapists and the local hospital.

John is now looking forward to the future in his new-level access flat and, eventually, as his use of the prosthetic leg increases he will be able to do some of the activities he used to enjoy such as playing golf. 

“This is an excellent facility for people in my position to gain independence with support where necessary,” said John.

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John is not his real name, and this photo is posed by a model.

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