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A housing association and house-builder, Curo is the largest landlord in Bath, with 9,000 homes across the city. As a social landlord, our homes are let on low-cost rents to people most in need of affordable housing. One of our priorities is to provide great properties and places, as Executive Director of Property Services Shaun Carr explains:

“We own and manage over 13,000 homes in total, providing homes to more than 25,000 people across the region and we take our responsibility for maintaining and investing in these homes very seriously.

“Our top priority is the safety of all our residents, and in the wake of the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower we’ve been reassuring our customers about fire safety in particular. We have an excellent partnership with Avon Fire & Rescue which ensures we get their independent expertise to complement our own in-house safety experts. Every residential block we own has an up to date fire risk assessment in place and we have a rolling programme of servicing, checks and upgrades to safety equipment like fire doors and smoke alarms.

“Anything that could pose a safety risk is considered – from gas installations, asbestos and radon to water quality and electricity – with a rolling programme of actions that checks every home and addresses any issues.”

We invested over £9m into home improvements last year. This includes installing new kitchens and bathrooms, energy-efficient heating systems, double glazing and doors, rewiring homes, redecorating and reroofing.

“Having a new kitchen or bathroom is fantastic,” said Shaun, “but we know it can be disruptive so we work closely with carefully-chosen contractors to get home improvements completed with the minimum of disruption: quickly, safely and to a high standard.”

Tammy Williams has lived in her Curo home for more than 20 years and recently had a new bathroom fitted. She described her experience with Curo and their contractors NKS: “First a team came and met me at my home so I could choose from a range of tiles and flooring, and pick the colour of the paint. Within a week of choosing the materials they started work and it took five days, just as they said.

“The workmen were amazing – really nice. And I’ve now got a shower too – I’m so pleased to be honest.”

Alongside this programme of planned improvements and safety servicing, we run a repair service for our customers. Curo received over 37,000 repair requests last year alone and the distinctive Curo repair vans can often be seen around the city. Our in-house team includes electricians, decorators, carpenters, all-round ‘multi-traders’ and gas engineers, like Matt Taylor (read about his typical day here).

An Estates Team manages our extensive grounds, communal areas and play areas – their work ranges from maintaining trees, hedges and garden beds to grass-cutting, clearing paths and pavements, and tackling litter and fly-tipping issues. Indoors, the team manages regular cleaning of communal areas including hallways and stairwells.

“At Curo we have a clear mission – that’s to provide great homes, support communities and improve lives,” says Shaun. “We offer a wide range of services to a diverse group of people, but we know first and foremost it’s the quality of our homes that our customers expect their landlord to get right. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring all our homes are safe, healthy, affordable and warm and why providing great properties and places is a priority for everyone working at Curo.”

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