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Hooked on fishing



Curo has hooked up with an angling charity to help a young Curo resident who’s experienced difficulties in life, including homelessness, to rekindle a childhood love for fishing.

“Shaun loves to go fishing but couldn’t afford a licence,” said Curo Support Worker Charlotte Davies. “His passion for fishing started when he was a little boy and he lived on a narrow boat; he used to make himself a fishing rod out of sticks, and hooks out of TV aerial wire.”

Charlotte contacted Get Hooked on Fishing, a charity that provides positive opportunities for young people through angling. Although they were unable to provide a licence, Sarah Collins, who works for the charity, heard about Shaun’s story and wanted to sponsor him personally.

The result is that Shaun, who lives at one of Curo’s supported housing schemes, now has a fishing licence which allows him to enjoy a hobby that’s making a real difference to his wellbeing. “Shaun is so happy to have his licence – fishing gives him a way to relax and forget his problems,” said Charlotte.

Meanwhile Shaun has been working hard to complete various training courses so he can improve his career prospects, supported through Curo’s Working Well programme. Working Well helps young people like Shaun to boost their job chances and gain life skills to be able to live independently.

Find out more about Working Well at www.curo-group.co.uk/workingwell

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