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A team of runners on a mission sped into St John's Court in Bath earlier this week to repaint the outside furniture at the Curo-run Extra Care scheme. The team were part of Good Gym, a community of runners that combines getting fit with doing good.

"They've proved a real asset," said Sheltered Housing Officer Chris Watts. "They completed a lot of work in the hour they were with us before running back to the Leisure Centre. A brilliant job was done and we look forward to seeing them again."

Emma Hurry is one of the Good Gym Task Force Leaders: "We were tasked with giving the outdoor furniture a new lease of life with some sanding and painting. There were plenty of chairs, tables and paintbrushes for everyone to get stuck straight in. The chairs and tables looked so great when we were done that some of the residents came out to thank us for our hard work."

Good Gym also offers Coach Runs where individual runners visit an isolated older person in Bath. "Over the last couple of years I've referred several of our residents to Good Gym," said Chris. "They match a runner to a Curo resident and they visit perhaps once a week, running to the customer, spending half an hour there and again running back to their starting point."

Emma added: "We call the older people we visit coaches because they help motivate us to run and they share their wisdom. It's amazing what you can learn from your coach. Coach runs can be fit around your schedule and don’t need to take up more than 20 minutes of your time per week."

If you have an idea for a task Good Gym could help with, or you'd like to join your local running group, visit www.goodgym.org/areas/bath.

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