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Enter the fun with the Curo in Bloom 2020 competition!



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Show off your glorious garden or dazzling displays and see if you can win one of our great prizes with our VoiceBox Curo in Bloom competition. Whether you have a window box, hanging basket or giant garden, there's a category for everyone. 

How to enter

It’s simple and easy to join in this year. With the lockdown restrictions, we simply need you to send us your photos which showcase your entry by the end of Friday 4 September 2020. 

You can do this by:

Residents with no access to the internet and without email can also call us on 01225 366000 and we'll help them enter.

Curo in Bloom 2020 categories:

• Veg garden/sensory garden
• Community garden
• Window boxes/balcony display/hanging baskets
• Small garden 
• Large garden 
• Tallest sunflower 

First prize for each category is a £50 gift voucher and trophy. Second place prize is £25 and third place prize is £15, all in Love2Shop gift vouchers.

First prize for tallest sunflower competition is a £25 gift voucher with two runners-up prizes.

Curo in Bloom competition terms and conditions:

  • The Curo in Bloom 2020 competition is only open to customers receiving Curo services and residents of Curo homes.
  • All entries must be received by midnight Friday 4 Sept 2020.
  • All entries to sign up via VoiceBox and be able to post pictures of garden on the forum post for Curo in Bloom 2020 – if you are not already a VoiceBox member it's free to join. (Curo will help residents without access to the internet to enter in an alternative way.)
  • Only one entry is permitted per household (an exception to this rule being that we will accept two entries from a household if one of them is entering the tallest sunflower category).
  • Curo colleagues and Board members may not enter.
  • The judges’ decision on winners is final.
  • Entrants agree to having their photograph taken and also a photograph of their property taken, and to this being used in publicity by Curo.

Book it, pay it, check it - log in to your account:

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