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Curo Residents' Conference: Listening to & learning from our residents



Recently we held this year’s Residents' Conferences at our offices in Bath, to hear how people who live in Curo homes feel about the services we provide. Nearly 200 people attended and more than 1,600 have watched the recording of the event on Facebook.

We heard lots of different ideas for how we could improve, and a number of examples of where we haven’t lived up to what you should expect from us. This feedback is very helpful and we’re taking it seriously.

Here are the main points we’re going to be taking forward over the next year:

  • Residents would like to hear more from us – in particular those who aren’t online. Communication between Curo teams and with our out of hours service could be better. We could get better at listening and at showing that we care and understand, particularly with vulnerable people.
  • Some things take too long to get resolved, for example more complex repairs, issues in estates or anti-social behaviour.
  • The process for dealing with teething problems when moving into a newly-built home needs to improve.
  • Residents would like Curo to have a more visible presence in neighbourhoods – with a familiar face – and office-based colleagues could know more about Curo’s properties, estates and areas.
  • Service charges don’t always seem fair or accurate and we should encourage residents to take over local estate services where there is interest.
  • Our estates need to be better maintained – quality isn’t always good enough or consistent.

I want to assure all our customers and stakeholders that we are fully focused on improving the services we offer, but we know we have a long way to go in some areas.

To help us continue to improve we want to hear from people in all types of accommodation, from all backgrounds, and we’ve made it easier by providing new online channels (such as VoiceBox) and a large number of new resident groups, which focus on specific things like complaints. You can see the full list in our new Resident Involvement menu.

If you’d like to know more about how we’re performing and what we’ve done as a result of customer feedback in the last year, please read our Annual Report which is available online at www.curo-group.co.uk/annualreport.

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