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Curo’s owl comes home to roost in Combe Down



Children from Combe Down Primary School couldn’t believe their eyes when a large white owl came to roost in their playground this morning.

The owl, part of this summer’s Minerva’s Owls of Bath sculpture trail, was donated to the school by Curo. Curo’s sales manager, Susan Harrison handed the owl over to head teacher, Jane Gascoigne and a group of enthusiastic children. Although Combe Down’s owl looks a little pale at the moment, the children have already been working on colourful ideas to bring him to life.

The owl will go on display in Combe Down village and will feature on the Owls of Bath app and over 10,000 printed trail maps, along with over 70 other owls roosting across the city this summer.

Curo’s own owl, Mowlberry Beak, can be spotted at Mulberry Park during the summer. He is currently being decorated by local artist and children’s illustrator Beccy Blake.

Susan Harrison said: ““We’re delighted to be involved with this year’s Owls of Bath trail. It’s a fantastic way for people to explore our beautiful city and celebrate local communities like Combe Down. We can’t wait to see how the children from Combe Down Primary School decorate their owl and look forward to welcoming Mowlberry Beak and lots of owl spotters to Mulberry Park during the summer.”

Photo shows: Susan Harrison, Sales Manager at Curo [back row centre]; Jane Gascoigne, Head teacher at Combe Down Primary School [back row right] and children from Combe Down Primary School including Faith (age 11), Thomas (age 11), Mason (age 5), Coral (age 10), Sam (age 8), Layla (age 6), Naomi (age 9) and Ava (age 6).

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