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COVID-19 fuel top-up vouchers available for B&NES residents



If you have a prepayment meter for your gas or electricity, you live in B&NES and you're struggling to meet your fuel bills because of COVID-19, you could be eligible for fuel top-up vouchers to help you out.

These fuel top-up vouchers are available in denominations of £28 for a single person or £49 for a couple or family.

Each family or person can receive up to three vouchers - that's up to £147 of free gas and electricity.

This money is available through B&NES Citizens Advice who have funding for up to 1,000 local households.

To apply:

The only two criteria for eligibility are:

  • you're on a pre-payment meter of some kind (for example a key, card or web/app top-up) and
  • you've been affected by COVID-19 in some way (for example you might have children home-schooling, so will be using more electricity than usual).

If you live outside B&NES, you may be able to access similar support through the Centre for Sustainable Energy. 

There's also information here about support from energy suppliers. 

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