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Better bins and recycling facilities



We're midway through a major programme of improvements to the access, layout and quality of our communal bin stores, particularly those that serve our customers living in apartment blocks. The improvements include:

  • increasing our recycling facilities at all of our sites;
  • replacing waste bins;
  • improving safety and security to prevent the large scale fly-tipping that is common in many of our properties.

We initially planned to do all this work over four years, but we've condensed this into a two-year programme - shown below. We're consulting with customers on issues such as access, management arrangements and improvements where possible as the programme is rolled out to the specific sites ahead of works being started.

We've made good progress and have  now installed new bin stores and mini-recycling centres at 12 blocks in Bath and Keynsham, providing better facilities. 

Customers have told us they're really pleased with the new facilities and in Keynsham, Ward Councillor Brian Simmons commented on the workmanship and great improvements made at Downfield, and how residents were consulted at every stage.

Here's the latest upgrade programme:

Year 1 (2018-19)

  • 1-16 Hillside Road, Moorlands - Oldfield COMPLETE
  • 155-185 Monksdale Road, Moorlands - Oldfield COMPLETE
  • 17-32 Hillside Road, Moorlands - Oldfield COMPLETE
  • 19-34 Linley Close, Whiteway - Twerton COMPLETE
  • 35-50 Linley Close, Whiteway - Twerton COMPLETE
  • 67-97 Monksdale Road, Moorlands - Oldfield 
  • 9-18 Linley Close, Whiteway - Twerton COMPLETE
  • Downfield, Keynsham - COMPLETE
  • Foxhill House, Foxhill - Combe Down COMPLETE
  • Midsummer Buildings Block 1, Larkhall, Bath - COMPLETE
  • Midsummer Buildings Block 2, Larkhall, Bath - COMPLETE
  • Midsummer Buildings Block 3, Larkhall, Bath - COMPLETE
    Tintagel Close - Keynsham North COMPLETE

Year 2 (2019-20)

  • 102-132 Sheridan Road, Whiteway - Twerton
  • 1-19 Wedgwood Road, Whiteway - Twerton
  • 1-88 Selworthy House, Foxhill - Combe Down
  • 2-20 Sheridan Road, Whiteway - Twerton
  • 24-39 Hazel Grove, Moorlands - Oldfield
  • 38-53 Poplar Close, Moorlands - Oldfield
  • Ascension House, Moorlands - Oldfield
  • Dorset House, Moorlands - Oldfield
  • Dover House, Snow Hill, Bath
  • Dunster House, Foxhill - Combe Down
  • Ellen House - Twerton
  • Fosse Green, Clandown
  • Garre House, Whiteway - Twerton
  • Huish Court - Radstock
  • Linne House, Whiteway - Twerton
  • Meade House, Whiteway - Twerton
  • Minerva Court, Bathwick - Abbey
  • Naish House - Twerton
  • Pitman House, Moorlands - Oldfield
  • Poole House, Whiteway - Twerton
  • Saffron Court, Snow Hill, Bath
  • Somerset House, Moorlands - Oldfield
  • Stirling Way, Keynsham
  • Telford House, Moorlands - Oldfield
  • Walwyn Close - Twerton

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