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COVID-19: Although Government restrictions eased on 19 July 2021, we're not making any immediate changes. Further information here

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Altering your Curo home? Make sure you get our OK



Have you recently installed any new components in your Curo home? If so, it's important that we know. We need this information to ensure all our properties are safe and meet legal standards.

For example, the introduction of a gas or electric supply would require Curo to undertake a yearly service and provide a safety record certificate.

The type of installations we need to know about include:

  • Kitchens and bathrooms that haven't been installed by Curo or Curo contractors
  • A gas supply
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Structural changes to the inside or outside of your property

We’re usually happy to approve alterations or improvements provided that the proposed alterations:

  • are safe, legal, and receive any necessary external consents;
  • do not lower the value of the property;
  • will not affect our ability to fulfil our responsibilities to repair, maintain and keep the propertuy safe; and
  • don't have a negative impact on neighbouring properties.

If you’re aware of any alternations or improvements that have been undertaken to your home, please contact us and ask for a consent form so we can update our records.

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