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A man with a plan: Apprentice engineer Jadon Williams



As well as developing our own apprenticeship programme, Curo works with suppliers like repairs and maintenance specialists Mears to support our customers into apprenticeships and other work opportunities.

One customer who’s now looking at a promising career as a plumbing and heating engineer is young dad Jadon Williams. Jadon, 24, lives in a Curo property in Bath and is learning his trade with Mears on a Plumbing & Heating Apprenticeship.

Jadon explains how he set out on this career path:

“I didn’t take school or college too seriously and left with few qualifications. At first I was working in the building trade, mainly labouring. Work was patchy; very on-off. I had no job security. After I moved out of my parents’ house, and with a young family of my own, I realised that the money wasn’t enough and I needed a plan.

Plumbing Apprentice Jadon Williams 2

“During one of the periods when I was out of work I was linked up with Curo and their work placement programme. I was keen on becoming a plumber and Curo managed to get me some work experience with Mears. Mears knew what I really wanted was to become an apprentice, and within just a few months I was offered an apprenticeship.”

As a Heating & Plumbing Apprentice, Jadon is set to quality with a Level 2 NVQ in his trade, opening up numerous job opportunities in a specialism that’s seeing a serious skills shortage in the region.

Jadon’s already passed two exams and practical assessments and hopes to gain his Level 2 within two years, with his sights set on a Level 3 gas qualification after that.

For Jadon, an apprenticeship ticks all the right boxes in his career plan. “An apprenticeship’s just the best way of getting into the career you want. I’m getting paid while I learn and while I could be earning more elsewhere at this stage, this is about planning for the long run. Once I’m fully qualified I know I’ll be able to earn a lot of money!”

To find out more about offering an apprenticeship, or becoming an apprentice click here.

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