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A little extra care - Marjorie's story



Marjorie Walker is a dancer and an accomplished fundraiser who’s been active in her community for many years, raising money for a number of causes though her love of dance. 

Marjorie recently celebrated her 92nd birthday at Hawthorn Court in Keynsham, and is enjoying staying independent and active with just a little extra help. 

Hawthorn Court is one of three Extra Care schemes jointly run by Curo and Sirona Care & Health. Extra Care is perfect for people like Marjorie who have some care needs but want to remain independent in their own homes, knowing that care and support staff are on-hand.

Marjorie has lived in Keynsham for nearly 30 years but recently her family became concerned after Marjorie started to have falls. Marjorie wanted to move somewhere she’d feel safer without having to leave the area. She found out about Extra Care from her Sheltered Housing Officer and moved into her one-bedroom apartment three years ago.

“I’m very happy with my flat at Hawthorn Court where I can be independent,” says Marjorie. “I like all my carers and Sheltered Housing Officer and I recommend Extra Care to all my friends. I’m so happy here - there is always someone there when needed so my family don’t need to worry.”

If, like Marjorie, you want to take advantage of Extra Care, we can help you arrange a care assessment. Call us on 01225 366136 and we’ll help make this possible.


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