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A little extra - Ben's story



At any one time, Curo supports around 400 young people and families across the South West. Moving on to independence can be a difficult, risky business. Our aim at Curo is to provide young people with the necessary skills and support to make it a positive experience.

Our Young Person's Services offer an integrated range of supported accommodation. These range from high support for vulnerable young people with complex needs to low support for those almost ready to move on. Drinkwater Court in Trowbridge and Bleys House in Chippenham are two of these services, providing a home plus a little extra support for people like Ben.

Ben's story

"I moved into my flat at Drinkwater Court when I was 17 back in March 2011. I had never lived on my own before. I thought that I would be able to manage easily but have to admit I initially struggled with the responsibility of my own tenancy.

"I had some problems managing my visitors at the project and received some warnings for this. I also found it difficult having to pay for all of my bills. I had never had to do any of this before.

"I have been at college for most of my time at Drinkwater Court and completed a Further Education Pathways Course and a Level 2 Diploma in Media. This August I started a full-time job. I do a 40-hour week at a factory, working night shifts. It’s hard work but I enjoy it.

"I am soon going to be trained to be a Line Coordinator and will be in charge of an entire line. This will be a promotion and mean an increase in salary. Going into full-time work and coming off benefits has been a big step for me. I am now paying my own way which feels very different and a real commitment.

"I will be moving out of Drinkwater Court over the next few months and into my own flat. After being at Drinkwater Court for almost two years I feel completely confident that I can handle the responsibility of a tenancy without any support."


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