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Retired publicans Steve and Jan recently moved from their Curo apartment into a newly-built Curo home that was specifically designed and built as a fully-accessible ‘Home for Life’, with a lift and wheelchair-friendly rooms and corridors. 

“We’ve been with Curo for six years,” says Steve. “Originally we lived in a one bedroom flat, and about five years ago I had an accident at work which caused me to be start having blackouts. We needed to come down out of our flat because of the stairs going up. 

“Wendy from Curo got involved and told me to go onto Homesearch, which we did. We started applying for different places and eventually this beautiful disability-adapted house came up. Wendy, bless her, gave us the go-ahead to move in and it's been an absolute godsend.

“We’ve only been here two weeks and people are waving hello. Our garden is a lovely size and we’re looking forward to the summer when we can sit out there and have a nice cup of coffee in the morning and maybe a glass of wine in the evening.

“I’ve got a lift that takes me up into the bathroom and bedroom areas – a proper lift, not a stair-lift. All the wheelchair turning spaces in every room are fabulous. There’s a lovely kitchen. And the dog has settled in really well too! It’s been tremendous.”

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