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Gerraint Oakley




Former Managing Director, Curo Homes

Gerraint was Managing Director of Curo Homes from 2014 until 2019.

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Are Londoners to blame for Bath’s housing problems?

A couple of weeks back, The Guardian reported that “tensions are rising in Bath as influx of Londoners prices out local families”. This was a new one on me - while I’m all too familiar with the sombre housing statistics for Bath, I was surprised to learn that Londoners are to blame. The sensationalist - almost xenophobic - headline is attention-grabbing, but this kind of narrative distracts from the real reason behind the housing crisis in our region.

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Five big reasons why we love Shared Ownership

With the housing blogosphere awash with views on Right to Buy, Gerraint Oakley, Managing Director of Curo's house-building division, gives a bit of the limelight to another home ownership scheme that’s also been around since the 1980s: Shared Ownership.

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10 facts about the green belt

A quick way to stir up a stramash about new housing development is to suggest that building on the green belt is a good idea. At the same time, most people now acknowledge that we’re in the midst of a long-term housing crisis. With average house prices standing at more than 10 times the average salary, we need to do something decisive. One of the main barriers to creating enough new homes is the scarcity of suitable land. The use of targeted sections of the green belt could potentially be one way to address the issue. How much do most of us really know about these heavily protected areas? Here are some facts...

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Commercial house-building with a heart

The South West is one of the most expensive places to buy or rent in England – the result of years of under-supply of new housing. Gerraint Oakley, Managing Director of Curo Homes, explains what we’re doing to tackle this chronic shortage of homes…

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