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Donna Baddeley




Former Curo Executive Director Corporate Services

Donna was Curo's Executive Director Corporate Services until 2017 when she joined Valleys to Coast Housing as Chief Executive.

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Transformation – the first five years

Seven ways to business transformation Donna Baddeley joined Curo five years ago with a brief to transform a collection of three housing associations into a single, modern organisation with one mission. In her final blog post before she takes up the reins as Chief Executive of Valleys to Coast Housing Association, Donna takes a look at seven areas that have been key to Curo’s transformation…

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My day as an innovation pioneer

At Curo we are always keen to look for new ways to do things, so when we heard about Housemark’s Evolve project, to introduce some “disruption” and creative thinking into the sector, we jumped at the chance to get involved, writes Donna Baddeley.

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Culture Club

Organisational culture is a funny thing! People say it’s something intangible and you can't really pin it down – but at the same time there have been literally thousands of books and articles written about about it. At Curo we've had a pretty good go at defining what we think it means for us...

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Change for good... A healthy customer service obsession

Even the word “transformation” conjures up a bold and creative process of reinvention, and that’s exactly the path we’ve been on here at Curo. Whilst looking for ways to stay relevant and maximise our potential in a complex and challenging external environment, we have completely changed most aspects of the company.

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