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Corbet Close, Bristol



Curo is proposing a 100% affordable housing development of up to 57 new homes at Corbet Close in Lawrence Weston, Bristol.

Aerial view from the south west

The scheme includes a mix of one, two and three bedrooms flats, houses and maisonettes delivered across three adjoining sites:
• 13 flats to be created by converting our existing office block at Holly House into a residential building
• 17 apartments to be built on the Long Cross pub site
• 27 houses and maisonettes to be built on the land of the former Rockwell care home

All new homes at Holly House, Corbet Close will be affordable housing. The 13 flats we plan to create within the existing Curo office block will be social housing for people over 55, while the remaining 44 homes will be available to rent at affordable rates and to buy through the low cost home ownership scheme, Shared Ownership.


Why redevelop the area?

Our office block at Holly House is currently underused. The land once occupied by the Long Cross pub also lies empty at a time when local housing demand in the area is high.

It is our purpose as a housing association to provide much-needed new homes for local families and the scheme offers a great opportunity to create high quality affordable housing for the area.

How will this scheme benefit the community?

Alongside new homes, the scheme will also deliver increased security for our tenants at Holly House as well as the wider community by redeveloping vacant and underused land. We aim to provide a mix of house-types and tenures, helping to create a more thriving and sustainable community.
The proposed site layout and design of the new homes will also enhance and contribute positively to the appearance the area.


On 14 March 2018, we held a public exhibition showing proposals for the redevelopment of Corbet Close. If you were unable to attend the exhibition, you can view the boards here:

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