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Resident-led services



Are you interested in running some of the communal services Curo currently provides? Whether it's grass-cutting, cleaning, grounds maintenance or even operating a shared laundry, get in touch to tell us about how you could carry out these services yourself. In return, you’d receive a reduction in your service charges.

There's plenty of support available to get started:

Contact us to find out more - see below for contact details.

What's the process?

1. Nominate someone from your scheme to be a ‘lead resident'. The lead resident should then contact our Community Services Team and provide details of the scheme.

2. Download and fill out the Resident-led Pack below, which includes the following:

  • Resident Led Service Agreement (Contract)
  • Risk Assessment Form
  • Accident Reporting Form
  • FAQ Sheet

The Resident-Led Scheme will be expected to maintain communal services to the Curo Estates Standard which you'll find here. If you'd like to receive a printed copy please let us know.

3. You'll need a witness when signing the Resident-led Scheme agreement. Fill in and sign the Risk Assessment Form and return both documents to Curo by email or post.

4. Curo will undertake a consultation with the affected members of the community to assess support for the scheme.

5. Once agreed, Curo will amend the service charge for the residents and the scheme can begin.

Book it, pay it, check it, report it, sort it 
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