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Do you have a desire to improve our services for all residents? Can you work constructively and in partnership with Curo colleagues? Can you review and analyse information and draw conclusions?

Does this sound like you?

We’ve created the Curo Oversight Group with the aim of helping us to improve. As a member of the Oversight Group you’ll be able to:

  • Review Curo performance data and service information
  • Identify priority areas for scrutiny activities to be focused
  • Commission scrutiny activities to be undertaken by groups of residents
  • Review outcomes from scrutiny activities
  • Prepare a report for the Curo Board each year, summarising scrutiny activity and its impact on services

The Oversight Group will meet once every quarter. Each meeting will include:

  • A review and discussion on Curo performance and service data
  • Agreement of the next and future scrutiny activities
  • Review of previous scrutiny reports

We're committed to diversity and would like to hear from a wide range of residents through the Oversight Group. Because of this, we particularly welcome applications from residents with disabilities and/or residents from minority ethnic backgrounds, as those backgrounds have traditionally been under-represented at this level.

Find out more

There's more information about the Group in the Terms of Reference and the Role Profile describes the skills, experience and time commitment we're looking for.


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