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Curo’s customer led Oversight Group is fast approaching its second birthday after forming in July 2019.

The group’s purpose is to review Curo's performance and hold us to account on improving services for the benefit of all residents. This year we are looking at expanding the group, both in terms of the numbers of residents involved and its focus.

From July 2021 the group will be the main body who tracks progress of our headline strategies whilst also establishing a closer relationship with our Board.

This is a great opportunity to develop your skills and potentially your career as we will provide a full training programme to successful applicants. We will also provide you with access to a greater level of information beyond the level we typically share, giving you a greater insight into the organisation and how it works.

What we ask of you is to attend each of the quarterly meetings having read and scrutinised the information shared with you in advance. In the meetings you will actively participate through asking questions and  challenging us on our performance and our improvement plan progress.


You can find more information about the Group in the Terms of Reference and Role Profile documents below. To register your interest you can send us an email expressing your interest to VoiceBox, or fill in our simple online form below.

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